Controls (MSOG)

[edit] Wii

  • Run

Wiimote: Shake the Wiimote up and down
Wiimote and Nunchuck: Shake the Wiimote and Nunchuck up and down alternately

  • Jump

Wiimote and Nunchuck: Swing the Wiimote vertically

  • Swim

Wiimote: Swing the Wiimote left/right/up/down
Wiimote and Nunchuck: Swing both the Wiimote and Nunchuck left/right/up/down

  • Move

Wiimote: +Control Pad
Wiimote and Nunchuck: Control Stick

[edit] DS

  • Run: Slide the Stylus back and forth quickly to run faster.
  • Jump: Flick the Stylus upwards to jump.
  • Swim: Move the Stylus in a circular motion, the faster you do it the faster you move forward.
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