Coin Block

Coin Block

A Coin Block is a type of block that can give a player a single Coin or multiple coins. They can be found by hitting a Brick Block or a ? Block.


[edit] Appearances

[edit] Super Mario Series

Coin blocks have made appearances in almost all of the Super Mario games, it would first debut in Super Mario Bros.. When a block contains multiple coins, there is usually a short time limit before it turns into a Used Block. In New Super Mario Bros., when hitting a Coin Block a certain amount of times, it will produce a Super Mushroom. In New Super Mario Bros. Wii, after hitting a Coin Block a certain amount of times, five Coins will fly out from the Coin Block.

They would return in Super Mario 3D Land alongside a ? Block and Brick Block style. There would be a new rectangular coin block that would appear and give Mario either two coins with an item or just three coins. Some rectangular blocks could be hit multiple times and give Mario three coins for each hit.

There would also be Question Boxes that appear in Super Mario 3D Land where Mario would wear them and gain an infinite amount of coins while he walks with this box. It can be lost when he is injured or completes the level. If he reaches the Flagpole then Mario will get an extra life.

The Rectangular Coin Blocks will be appearing in New Super Mario Bros. 2. Reznors will ride on these blocks.

[edit] Paper Mario Series

They would appear throughout the Paper Mario Series and give Mario many coins depending on the speed that Mario hits the block. In Super Paper Mario, when Mario flips to 3D, he will be able to see the image of a coin on the side of the coin block.

[edit] Super Paper Tattle

"That's a coin block. Every time you hit it, a coin will come out..."

[edit] Mario Party DS

In Mario Party DS, when a player lands on a space with a Coin Block on it, a block will appear and allow the player to hit the block to see how many coins will come out of it for five to ten seconds.

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