Characters (SMarioStrikers)


Mario- A great leader on both offense and defense, Mario inspires his teammates before a match. Mario's balanced skills make him a reliable leader. It goes without saying that Mario is the most famous player in the league.

Luigi- Luigi splits any number of defenders with his incredible passing technique, reliably delivering the ball to a teammate. Luigi baffles his opponents with his daring antics. He has earned great respect from the fans.

Peach- She has fast feet and a great ability to read every situation. Peach leads with masterful tactics and quick thinking. Treating her lightly will earn you an aggressive whack to the backside.

Dasiy- Dasiy uses quick and precise footwork to show off her abundance of talent. Daisy's witty attitude matches her playing style.

Ysohi- Yoshi's great entusiasm has led to many victories. Yoshi leads with a cool head and fierce courage. Looking down on Yoshi without granting him due respect will llikely result in full-force pounding.

Wario- An aggressive menace- and stubborn to boot-- Wario never stops till he grabs the win. He will attack from anywhere if opponents aren't watching him carefullly.

Waluigi- His long legs blast rocket-packed shots. Waluigi's ego tends to be his biggest opponent. He likes to be offensive, and he is always looking for a shot.

Donkey Kong- Weak on defense but powerful with shots and devastating with tackles, Donkey Kong's talents can slip up even the best players. He beats his chest in defiance even when he 's undera ttack, so don't be surprised!


Toad- Toad uses his quickenss to get back on defense and dribble free of his mark on offense. His all-around power is a great boost to any team.

Hammer Bros. When a ball is passed to center, the Hammer Bros. are never afraid to fly in for a header. This sidekick packs power from head to toe, always giving his best. Hard-nosed, hard-hitting and hard-headed, this guy can really bring it!

Birdo- Birdo is always an offensive threat when in possession of the ball. If you're looking for a sidekick who can deliver some points, Birdo is the player for you.

Koopa- Koopa's hard work and effort on the playfield makes him a solid choice for any captain in the league. Selecting Koopa as your sidekick is always a wise choice.


Super Team- A team of robots, all alike and can all perform powershots. The super team is quite fast and have excellent durability. The Super Team is always a solid choice!

(Credit to the game's manual)

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