Champ's Belt

Champs Belt PMTTYD.PNG

The Champs Belt is a belt that is obtained in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door after Mario defeats Rawk Hawk in the Glitz Pit to become the new champion. It has a fake Gold Star on the middle of the belt though Mario is not able to wear the belt.

This belt would be first seen when Mario first arrives at the Glitz Pit when he watches Rawk Hawk defeat the Koopinator to retain the belt before he shows it off. Rawk Hawk would be seen showing the belt off in the lobby and Mario would be surprised that the Gold Star is attached to the belt. Mario would vow to win the belt to get the star though he would later find out that the Star on the belt is not the real Gold Star.

During Bowser's event after Chapter 6, he would come across the belt in Rawk Hawk's secret training room which is apparently in the Rogueport Sewers. Bowser thinks it is the real Crystal Star and would smash the glass replica.

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