Cataquacks are the duck like creatures found in Gelato Beach in Super Mario Sunshine. Whenever they see an intruder, they run over to them and toss them high into the air. The Blue ones are harmless, but the Red ones can hurt you. Squirting them with Flood isn't too effective, and may only stun the red ones, but if you time it right, and squirt the weeds near them, they'll go flying into the air and when they hit the ground, the red ones get killed and you can pound onto the blue ones to get them stuck in the ground for a few seconds.

[edit] Appearances in Other Mario Games

Cataquacks were also a Hazard for GCN Peach Beach in Mario Kart Double Dash!! , Super Mario Galaxy, and Mario Kart Wii. They chase the racers around and scoop them in the air, costing you plenty of time. However, you can stun them with a bob-bomb, or if they're near a Spiny Shell Explosion. In Mario Galaxy they do the same as in Mario sunshine but cannot hurt the player.

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