Species Pixl
Role Sidekick
Relations Unknown
First Appearance Super Paper Mario
Latest Appearance N/A


[edit] Background

The sixth Pixl you can find in Super Paper Mario. She is found in Fort Francis' basement, locked in a cage.

[edit] Personality

[edit] Powers and Abilities

Her special ability is too transform into a platform that can carry any of the characters over hazardous areas too wise to jump or float across. She can also help Mario and Co. move faster. When using Carrie, you can jump on spiky enemies without being damaged.

[edit] Other Information

  • Carrie's name is an pun on the word "carry"; carrying Mario is Carrie's ability.
  • Carrie's ability is similar to Lakilester and Yoshi from ther previous Paper Mario games. With the exception that Mario can jump when standing on top of her.
  • Carrie's powers are also similar to that of Spike Shield from the first Paper Mario games.

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