Captain Event Space

Captain Event Space
Captain Event Space.png
Captain Event Space as seen in Mario Party 9.
Effect Triggers a board related Captain Event.
First Appearance Mario Party 9

A Captain Event Space is a space that debuts in Mario Party 9. The Captain stops on this space regardless of how many spaces he/she have left, which makes this one of the mandatory spaces. When landed on this space a board related Captain Event will be triggered. Each board map has one Captain Event, minus the Bowser Station board map, which has three Captain Events. The player who's the captain will have some form of control of the Captain Events. Each of the Captain Events will give the players an oppotunity to win Mini Stars.

The following is what occurs when lading on the Captain Event Space on the different board maps:

  • 9 Island - This event occurs on the Toad Road board map. Players are launched to an island shaped as the number 9. They must roll a Dice Block to try to head to the center that holds 10 Mini Stars. There are a few Dash Spaces and sets of 3 Mini Stars scattered throughout the island. The Captain chooses the player who will roll their Dice Block each turn. Each player gets one turn to get the 10 Mini Stars. The Captain Event will end either after someone has reached the 10 Mini Stars or after everyone has rolled their Dice Block.
  • Side-By-Side Zone - This event takes place on the Bob-omb Factory board map. Players will use side by side platforms to make their way across the area, collecting several Mini Stars along the way. The Captain selects which path the players will take. Afterwards, the players, in the order from left to right, will roll the Dice Block to determine how much the group will move. The Happening Spaces, will cause the Mini Stars to shift one path to the right. The Captain Event will end once the players have reached the end of this area.
  • Scaredy Rat Race - This event takes place on the Boo's Horror Castle board map. The Scaredy Rat will steal a certain amount of Mini Stars from each player and will try to escape. Players must move along a short path to reclaim the Mini Stars. The Captain chooses who gets to roll each turn. After a player has went, the Scaredy Rat will roll a 1-2-3 Dice Block to get away further away. Along the path are a few Dash Spaces. The player who catches the Scaredy Rat will get all of the Mini Stars it took from everyone. The event will end either if someone reaches the Scaredy Rat or the Scaredy Rat escapes.
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