Bros Points (MLSS)

You use bros points to perform bros attacks once you have used up your points you will have to use any type of syrup to fill up the points meter.

[edit] Bros Attacks (Mario)

Normal Attacks:

Splash Bros - Mario Jumps of Luigi and into the air then Lugi jumps on Mario and hits the enemy.

Swing Bros - Mario grabs Luigi and spins him, Luigi gets faster and Mario throws him into the enemy causing bug damage.

Chopper Bros - Mario squishes Luigi into the ground and runs with Luigi. Then he bounces up from Luigi spinning madly with his hammer constantly whacking the enemy.

Fire Bros - Mario chargers and throws fireballs at Luigi who bounces them at the enemy.

[edit] Bros Attacks (Luigi)

Normal Atacks:

Knockback Bros - Luigi squishes Mario to Mini Mario and knocks him at the enemy.

Cyclone Bros - Luigi squashes Mario down and jumps on his head. The both spin hitting the enemy over and over again with the hammer.

Thunder Bros - Luigi charges his thunder up and then jumps off Mario. He then sends lightning bolts at the enemies causing them to receive damage.

[edit] Advance attacks


Splash Bros - When Mario shows the '!' bubble, press A. Then Mario will come back down on Luigi, press B. When Mario gets near the enemy press A for extra damage.

Swing Bros - Press A when Luigi is heading back to Mario and they will go down on the enemy. Keep pressing the A and B button to cause extra damage sometimes you may steal the enemy's items.

Chopper Bros - When '!' is shown press A. If you do this Luigi will go under the enemy then you can press B causing him to shot up causing lots of damage to the enemy.

Bounce Bros - You need to press A straight away then Luigi will go towards the ground, then press B. When then somersault towards the enemy press A for Mario to hit the enemy and B for Luigi to hit the enemy.


Knockback Bros - When B has been pressed press A straight after. Press B at the right time, and Mario will go into the enemy and you can press A for further damage. Press B when he comes back to do it again.

Cyclone Bros - When you have hit the enemy about 3 to four times pres B for Luigi to stand on Mario. Then press A to hit the enemy once more, this can also stun it.

Fire Bros - As soon as you have used the hammer to hit the fire balls, Mario must jump to catch it using A button. Then it will be stored above Marios head. Once all the fire balls have been hit Mario will jump on Luigis head and jump to the fireballs. Then press A quickly.

Thunder Bros - When Luigi has charged the Thunderbolt, press B and he will jump to Mario's head. Then press A at the exact same time, and when the attack continues, press A. Luigi will go underneath the enemy and then press B to shock the enemy from underneath

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