Bowser Station

Bowser Station
MP9 Bowser Station.png

Overview of Bowser Station board map

Game board is in Mario Party 9
Theme Volcano, Cavern
Availability After completing Solo Mode or playing five starter boards at least once.

Bowser Station is the sixth board that appears in Mario Party 9 and the final board for the Solo Mode of the game. During the Solo Mode part of the game, the players will face off against Bowser Jr. for the mid-boss, while Bowser is the stage boss.

Bowser Station is a linear board similar to the past Bowser boards from previous Mario Party games. Players can earn Mini Stars from running into them or from the Jackpot Machine. When the player gets Mini Stars from the Jackpot Machine by landing on the Jackpot+ Space, the number will increase. This space is exclusive to only this board and the number will only increase by the number on the space. When the number reaches 20, the players will have to play a mini-game to determine who gets all of the Mini Stars. If the Captain lands on the space, they will get all of the Mini Stars indicated on the machine.


[edit] Captain Events

For Bowser Station, there are three different Captain Events that can be played on.

[edit] Heart Star Colony

Heart Star Colony is the first Captain Event that can be encountered. For this event the players will have to hit a block that contains a blue heart, green heart and a red heart. The Captain will then have to hit a block and try to match the color of the players. If the player and Captain match, they will get two Mini Stars for each match. The Captain can do this three times before this Captain Event is over.

Sometimes Bowser Jr. will appear when the Captain is about to hit their Dice Block. This will force the players to roll their dice blocks again. Bowser Jr. will then roll his own Dice Block and give out two Mini Ztars to anyone who matches his color.

[edit] Bingo Colony

For the Bingo Colony Captain Event, the Captain will get to choose which player will go. The player will then roll a 1-10 Dice Block and the number displayed will light up on the board. The player who obtains three lit up spaces in any direction, will get three Mini Stars times the number of spaces in the bingo.

Occasionally Bowser will show up and change the event into a Dark Bingo Colony and replace the Mini Stars with Mini Ztars. The player who completes the bingo, will lose Mini Stars instead of gaining them.

[edit] Speed Star Colony

The final Captain Event is the Speed Star Colony. For this event, the captain will decide which track each player will be assigned to. The goal is for the players to reach the goal before the others. Each track will vary in length though the longer tracks will contain Dash Spaces and Mini Stars. When the player reaches the end of the track, they will earn 10 Mini Stars and wait for each player to finish moving. It is possible for more than one player to win the race and win 10 Mini Stars as well.

Bowser will occasionally appear and force a player to use a 1-2-3 Dice Block instead of the standard 1-6 Dice Block.

[edit] Bowser Jr. Boss Battle

When the players reach the mid-boss fortress in Solo Mode, they will take on Bowser Jr. in the mini-game Bowser Jr. Breakdown. For this mini-game, players will have to hit the dice blocks and try to get a multiple of three. If the player gets a multiple of three, they will attack Bowser Jr. and do three points of damage until it equals what they hit. E.g. If you get the 15, you will hit a total of five times and get 3 points per hit. If the player hits the Bowser Jr. mark, then they will lose a point.

When Bowser Jr. gets to below half health, he will put up two more Bowser Jr. marks, increasing the chance of landing on the Bowser Jr. mark and losing a point. When defeated, Bowser Jr. will give up the Mini Stars.

[edit] Bowser Boss Battle

When players reach the Bowser Gate, they will face off against Bowser in the mini-game Bowser's Block Battle. In this mini-game, Bowser will be on a platform as he will throw a bunch of Dice Blocks onto the platforms. Players will have to throw the Dice Blocks so that they will show their face before time runs out. The players will then throw the blocks that show their face to hit Bowser and earn points. If any blocks are left over with the Bowser face, Bowser will shoot three fireballs out and make a player lose a point if they are hit.

When Bowser goes below half health, he will grow even larger and if any blocks show Bowser, he will breathe larger fireballs at the players. He will also throw a special Dice Block with an enemy on it. Depending on what the block shows, that enemy will appear on the platform and try to attack players and make them lose points. The platform will also tilt when players are trying to throw Dice Blocks to have their face appear on.

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