Bowser Phone

Bowser Phone

Bowser Phone as it appears in Mario Party 3.

Appearance(s) Mario Party 3
Effect Calls Bowser.
Coin Cost 10 coins(Mario Party 3)
Rarity Uncommon

The Bowser Phone item made its one and only appearance in Mario Party 3. You could only buy it at Baby Bowser's shop and it would cost 10 coins. It was somewhat uncommon though it did make a fair share of appearances in Item Games throughout a game. When the item was used, the player would call Bowser and he would ask who the person was. Unless you had 0 coins at the time, you should always pick someone else as it will trigger the event that occurs whenever someone lands on a Bowser Space on the board. Be careful though, as it can also backfire if the person who has to deal with the Bowser event ends up picking something like Bowser's Curse, Bowser Revolution, or a Bowser Suit/Phone Giveaway. This type of item was discontinued as of Mario Party 4.

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