Bowser Land

Bowser Land
Bowser Land.jpg
Bowser Land Logo
Game Mario Party 2
Difficulty Level 3/3 Stars
Star Space Type Standard
Happening Space Varies
Availability Available after beating other boards

Bowser Land is one of the many boards in Mario Party 2. The host for this board is not Toad, as it is on the other five boards, but it is Baby Bowser. Four Baby Bowsers kidnapped Toad and took over his job. The Super Star of this land by default is Bowser.

The Happening Space in this land either has the character that lands on it jump inside a Warp Pipe and transport to a random section on the edge (one pipe in the middle) of the board, or stand on what looks like a roulette table filled with coin spaces. They can not get off of this section until they land on a Happening Space once again.

[edit] Special Attraction

This board's special attraction is the Bowser Parade, which the characters playing on the board can control. It is a parade throughout the board led by Baby Bowser, with parade floats of various enemies/characters in the Mario series, such as Boo and Goomba. If a character walks over a spot with two footprints on it, they are able to change the direction that the Bowser Parade will go.

If a character is standing in the way of the parade, they will have some of their coins stolen. The only way to stop this from happening is by using five coins to change the direction of the parade route.

[edit] Differences

This board has many differences when it comes to comparing Bowser Land and the other five boards. First off, Baby Bowser will give out five coins instead of taking five coins sometimes. Secondly, the Bank Space works differently. If someone passes over it, the character is told they were preapproved for a 5-Coin Loan. This adds up, and if a character lands on it, the character has to pay "mortgage and interest" (times space has been passed over times five) instead of gaining everything that the bank has had to collect like in older boards.

This board is also the only one (not including the Mini-Game Coaster and Mini-Game Stadium) without special costumes for each of the characters. If this board is picked to play on, the characters will wear what they are found wearing in other games.

[edit] Ending

Bowser Land's ending is the only one in which the board's Super Star (the character who wins the board) does not beat Bowser at first. Bowser tells the Super Star to pick him up by the tail (after he attempts to torch them). When they do try this, he turns into Metal Bowser, which multiplies his weight by ten times, making it almost impossible for the Super Star to pick him up. However, Toad gives the Super Star a Star that he picked up somewhere on the board, which gives the Super Star the courage to pick up and throw Bowser. Afterwards, the Super Star, Toad, Koopa and the other characters who attempted to win the board join together and name the Super Star of the board, who is the one who just defeated Bowser. When this happens, the board has been beaten, and the credits roll (if it is your first time beating the board).

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