Species Bouldergeist
Ally Koopa Troop, Bowser
Debut Appearance Super Mario Galaxy
Latest Appearance Super Mario Galaxy 2

Bouldergeist is a large supernatural boss fought in Super Mario Galaxy during the events of the Ghostly Galaxy. He makes a reappearance in Super Mario Galaxy 2 where he is encountered during the Boss Blitz Galaxy. His attacks are exactly the same as in Super Mario Galaxy.

[edit] Physical Appearance

Bouldergeist is a very strange, cryptic sort of supernatural being who is made of rocks, and can summon rocks. The rocks that cover his body act as armor protecting his soft insides, and he has a pair of enormous hands that are also made of rock. His hands can be summoned at any time, as long as there are rocks surrounding him. He is much bigger then Mario with Mario only being about as tall as one of his fingers. After Bouldergeist loses his rocky armor his strange head is all that remains; this head is soft and black with two beady yellow eyes. It also sports a red appendage which hangs from the bottom of the head.

[edit] During Battle

Bouldergeist has many types of attacks that he throws at Mario throughout the battle, the most common being the flying rocks. Bouldergeist summons rocks out of thin air and hurls them at Mario; if Mario gets hit by these rocks he will take damage. The racks vary in color from gray, to gold and black; the black rocks spawn a Bomb Boo when they make contact with the ground. Mario can then use the Bomb Boos to damage Bouldergeist, after they are spawned. The gold rocks burst into a Coin when they hit the ground, which Mario can use to replenish some of his health. After Bouldergeist gets hit by a Bomb Boo three times the second phase of the battle will begin. In this phase Bouldergeist summons arms with large hands which he uses in a number of ways against Mario, he also keeps the flying rocks. His arms act as shields against Mario's Bomb Boo attacks deflecting damage away from his body, he also uses them to punch and crush Mario. He also summons a large row of rock spikes from the ground below Mario; these are pretty easy to avoid because of the shadows they cast before they come up from the ground. Mario must continue to damage Bouldergeist until the battle ends, this can be difficult because his arms do a good job of protecting his body, which is the target. The arms can be destroyed to make things easier but they come back over time. After Mario defeats him he clams a Power Star.

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