Bosses (SPMWii)

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Chapter 1-3: O' Chunks 1
Chapter 1-4: Fracktail
Chapter 2-4: Mimi 1
Chapter 3-1: Bowser (Joins after)
Chapter 3-2: Big Blooper
Chapter 3-3: Dimentio 1
Chapter 3-4: Francis
Chapter 4-4: Mr. L and Brobot
Chapter 5-2: O' Chunks 2
Chapter 5-4: O' Chukns 3 and King Croacus
Chapter 6-2: Mimi 2
Chapter 6-1 Redo: Brobot L-Type
Chapter 7-4: Bonechill
Chapter 8-1: O' Chunks Final Finally...
Chapter 8-2: Mimi Final
Chapter 8-3: Dimentio 2
Chapter 8-4: Count Bleck and Super Dimentio
Flipside Pit of 100 Trials: Wracktail
Flopside Pit of 100 Trials: Shadoo

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