Boom Boom

Boom Boom
3DS SuperMario 4 scrn04 E3.png
Boom Boom in Super Mario 3D Land.
Species Koopa
Ally Koopa Troop, Bowser, Koopalings
Debut Appearance Super Mario Bros. 3
Latest Appearance Super Mario 3D Land

Boom Boom is a henchman of Bowser that made its first appearance in Super Mario Bros. 3. It would be the boss that Mario or Luigi fights when they enter a fortress, before fighting the Koopaling on the airship.


[edit] Appearances

[edit] Super Mario Bros. 3

Artwork from Super Mario 3.

Boom Boom would be first seen in Super Mario Bros. 3 as he would help Bowser and the Koopalings invade the Mushroom World's seven kingdoms. He appears in all fortresses that are found in each kingdom as he takes on Mario and Luigi and try to prevent them from getting close to the Koopalings. When he has been defeated, the fortress would get destroyed. He would appear in several levels in Dark Land, many on the battleships, airships and tanks except for the first set of tanks, which are controlled by a Boomerang Bros..

To defeat Boom Boom, Mario has to jump on his head three times before he is defeated. Hitting him with five fireballs with the Fire Flower or hit him with five hammers from the Hammer Suit then he will be defeated also. After being hit, he will couch down for a very short period to reveal spikes on his back that hurt the Mario Bros., if touched.

Boom Boom walks left and right towards Mario. After he is hit, he will charge towards Mario or jump high or fly with his winged arms(he would use his wings in [[Desert Hill's first fortress). Being hit a second time, will make him walk left to right but quicker than before. And when hit the third time, he releases the ? Ball and the fortress is destroyed when the ? Ball is touched and opens a lock or create a bridge.

It is unclear if there is a species of Boom Boom, as only two Boom Booms have been seen in existence, as a few levels in Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 will make Mario take on two Booms Boom at once. It is possible that the second Boom Boom is a clone as the manual refers to Boom Boom as a singular: "Boom Boom, the faithful servant of Bowser."

[edit] Super Mario 3D Land

Boom Boom would finally make a return to the Mario series in Super Mario 3D Land on the Nintendo 3DS. He would appear much larger than his previous appearance and no longer has spikes on his shell, which is red. He has a new arsenal of moves, he can spin wildly with his arms and fists in an attempt to harm Mario. But he will get dizzy if he does it for to long and is vulnerable to attack. After being hit, they will retreat into their shell and spin fast in many directions in an attempt to hit the player. He is defeated after being hit three times from Mario's jumps. He will vanish and give up many coins. He is only found on airships and so far is known to appear on an airship level and World 2-5.

A pink, female Boom Boom with a blonde ponytail has been revealed to appear in Super Mario 3D Land.

[edit] The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3

He would appear in The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 as a silent powerhouse. He attacks Mario when he sees them and has yellow teeth. He appears in Do the Koopa, Crimes R Us, and The Venice Menace.

[edit] Super Mario Bros. Movie

They would not make an appearance in the film but referenced to in "Boom Boom Bar|. Which is featured prominently in the film.

[edit] Nintendo Adventure Books

He would not appear in the Nintendo Adventure Books but was referenced in Koopa Capers. There would be an item called Boom Boom's Socks.

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