Bobsled Run

Bobsled Run
Bobsled Run.png
Peach, Wario, Yoshi,and Mario playing Bobsled Run.

Bobsled Run is a 2 vs 2 minigame that appears in both Mario Party and Mario Party 2. The objective is for players to steer the bobsled on the track towards the goal. Throughout the course, there are 3 speed boosters, allowing your bobsled to speed up. Players must try not to touch the walls or their bobsled will lose some of its speed. Also there are areas, in which you can fall of the track if the bobsled is steered incorrectly. The first player to reach the goal will win the minigame.

[edit] Controls

  • Control Stick - Steer Left/Right, Up to Speed up, Down to Slow Down
  • A Button - Press repeatedly in the beginning until you get in the bobsled
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