Bob-omb Factory

Bob-omb Factory
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Overview of Bob-omb Factory board map

Game board is in Mario Party 9
Difficulty Level Easy

Bob-omb Factory is a board in Mario Party 9 that is available at the start of the game. The players will ride of a legged machine that will help them traverse through the stage while facing off against Whomp as the mid-boss and then Big Bob-omb at the Bowser Gate at the end of the stage.

Players will start off in a room that will contain several Event Spaces. These spaces will cause the conveyor belt to move the players around the room, either to help them collect more Mini Stars along the war or lose Mini Stars. This will also help the players to advance farther in this room or back. When the players reach the end of the room, they will have to face off against the mid-boss(Whomp in Solo Mode). When the mid-boss has been defeated, the players will continue through to the next room where a new gimmick is introduced. In this room when the vehicle passes by the Bob-omb sign, a Bob-omb will drop onto the front of the vehicle and show a 10 above it. As the Captain moves, the number will decrease. When it hits 0, it will cause the Captain to lose half of their Mini Stars. The background of this room will show how Bob-ombs are made. Once at the end of the stage, they will face off against the boss(Big Bob-omb in Solo).

The player will start off with the Factory Walker machine. They will be able to unlock the Gear Shifter and Big Bob-omb Bus after purchasing them from the Museum for 200 Party Points.

[edit] Side-By-Side Zone

The Captain Event for this board is called the Side-By-Side Zone. When the Captain lands on the Captain Event Space, they will be taken to a room where the Captain has to select which player will take which path. Each player will have a chance to roll the dice and will all move simultaneously when the dice block is hit each time. Between the second and third spaces, there will be two sets of three Mini Stars that will start at the left of the path but will move when a player lands on the Event Space. After the final space, there will be two sets of 10 Mini Stars that start at the right.

[edit] Whomp Boss Battle

During Solo Mode, when the players reach the mid-boss space, they will face off against Whomp in the minigame called Whomp Stomp. In this minigame, the players will be standing on a rotating platform with the Whomp standing behind one of the players. The players will have to rotate this platform and try to avoid being crushed by the Whomp. If they get hit by the Whomp, they will lose a point while the three other players can ground pound on the Whomp to collect three points. After the Whomp has lost half of his health, he will hit the center panel that tells how many times the platform will move. This will make the players have to decide whether or not to move the platform so that they avoid being crushed.

[edit] Big Bob-omb Boss Battle

At the end of the stage, the players will face off against Big Bob-omb in the minigame called Bombard King Bob-omb. In this minigame, the players will be on a big steel square that is in front of the Big Bob-omb. In front of the players will appear four different sizes of Bob-omb that the players will need to choose and pick up to throw at the Big Bob-omb. The bigger the Bob-omb, the more points the player will get. If two players choose the same Bob-omb, they will bump into each other and not get the bomb. When the Big Bob-omb gets to orange health, he will start to throw bombs at players who run into one another and cause them to lose a point.

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