Blooper Beach

Blooper Beach
MP9 Blooper Beach.png

Overview of Blooper Beach board map

Game board is in Mario Party 9
Theme Water, Island
Availability Available at the start

The Blooper Beach is a board in Mario Party 9 that is available from the start of the game. Players will ride on a vehicle that looks similar to a boat on this board as they will go across water. In Solo Mode, the players will face off against a giant Cheep-Cheep at the mid-boss fortress and then would face a Blooper at the Bowser Gate found at the end of the board.

Players would start the board on shore before they start to sail into the sea. They will pass by a Dolphin that will hand out five Mini Stars to whoever is Captain of the vehicle at the time. Once pass the Dolphin, a Sushi will start to follow after the players. It will move four spaces after every players turn and when it reaches the vehicle, it will attack the Captain and cause them to lose half of their Mini Stars. This is similar to the Boo on Boo's Horror Castle. The Dolphin will then reappear after the Sushi attack. Once the players have passed the mid-boss(Cheep-Cheep in Solo), both the Dolphin and Sushi will not appear again.

The second half of the board will contain more Event Spaces that when landed on, will cause the player to switch the Mini Stars to Mini Ztars or back again thanks to the Huckit Crabs. They will eventually reach the Bowser Gate at the end of the board, where they will take on the stage boss of the board(Blooper in Solo Mode).

Players will have the Sub Baleen vehicle from the start of the game. They will be able to purchase the Coral Explorer and the Blooper Boat from the Museum after spending 200 Party Points each.

[edit] Sunken Treasure

The Captain Event for this board is called Sunken Treasure. For this event, the players will have to leave their vehicle as they will board diving platforms that contain Mini Stars. The Captain will decide the order of which the Dice Blocks will be used. The order will stay the same for each player. The goal is to reach the surface with rolling all three of the Dice Blocks. If a player hits one of the Unlucky Spaces then they will lose some of the Mini Stars. Which ever player reaches the surface, will collect all of the Mini Stars that are still in their basket.

Players can earn a max of ten Mini Stars on the first time, and fifteen the second time. The least amount they can collect is zero.

[edit] Cheep-Cheep Boss Battle

Players will face off against a Cheep-Cheep in the minigame Cheep Cheep Shot for this boss battle. Players will start the minigame underwater as they will have to grab the shells that appear in bubbles and throw them at the giant Cheep-Cheep that is chasing after them. The Cheep-Cheep will try to ram into the players and make them lose a point. When the Cheep-Cheep reaches half health, he will move faster and swim high above the screen as it will try to crush the players.

[edit] Blooper Boss Battle

The Blooper will face off against the players in the minigame Blooper Barrage. Players will be set on a pirate ship as they will hold cannons that aim out at the sea waiting for the Blooper to appear. When the whirlpool appears, the players will have to shoot at the Blooper to earn points. Blooper will throw Urchins at the players while they shoot and players will need to shoot the Urchins if they are being thrown at them. If the Urchins hit, then the player will lose a point. When the Blooper has gotten to orange health, the Urchins will be able to bounce off the shots but continue to aim for the players until being shot three times.

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