Block and Roll

Block and Roll
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Block and Roll from Mario Party 9

Block and Roll is a 1-vs-Rivals mini-game in Mario Party 9. It can be played in ether 1-vs-3 or 1-vs-2 format. The game consists of the single player having to walk a box across the bottom of a steep hill in a temple setting. The other two or three players stand at the top of the hill with boulders which they roll down the hill in an attempt to hit the single player and slow them down. The single player must transport three boxes in all from one side to the other within the time limit. If the single player gets all of the boxes across before the time runs out he of she will win. If the single player gets stopped enough by the boulders from the other players and time runs out, the two or three players will win.

[edit] Controls

The single player holds the Wii remote sideways and uses the control pad to move and avoid boulders. The two or three other players also hold the Wii remote sideways and use the control pad to aim their boulder, then press the 2 button to roll them.

[edit] Trivia

  • The name is a play on "Rock and Roll"

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