Big Boo

Big Boo
Picture of Big Boo in the Courtyard
First Appearance Super Mario World (1990)
Last Appearance: New Super Mario Bros. 2
Species Boo

Big Boo is another variation of Boo. Big Boo is normally bigger than Boo.

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Super Mario 64

Big Boo makes an appearance in Super Mario 64 in the Big Boo's Haunt course. He is apart of 3 of the Power Stars where Mario will have to defeat him in order to collect them. If Mario looks at Big Boo, Boo will turn invisible and Mario will not be able to harm him. Kicking him from behind or doing a Ground Pound will harm Big Boo and it will take three hits to defeat Big Boo.

The star missions that Big Boo appears in are "Go On a Ghost Hunt", "Ride Big Boo's Merry-Go-Round" and "Big Boo's Balcony".

[edit] New Super Mario Bros. 2

Big Boo returns in New Super Mario Bros. 2. Like other enemies, Big Boo can be turn into Gold and will leave a coins behind it as it moves and allow Mario to collect these coins. Big Boo will appear in Ghost House levels of the game.

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