Bee Mario

Bee Mario
Bee Mario.jpg
Used By Mario, Luigi
Required Item Bee Mushroom
Effect Fly for a while, attract Flipbugs, stick to Honeycomb Walls, and land on Flowers or Clouds
First Appeared In Super Mario Galaxy
Last Appearance Mario Tennis Open

Bee Mario is a power-up that Mario will take after he collects a Bee Mushroom on the Honeyhive Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy and then in Super Mario Galaxy 2. This form will have Mario's hat turn into a helmet with antennas and his overalls turn yellow with stripes and he will grow a stinger with small wings. He will be able to take flight for a short period of time and he can climb the honeycomb walls or walk on the flower petals or clouds. He will lose this form if he takes any damage or touch water. He can refill his fly gauge by collecting coins while in the air. When Luigi takes this form, his colors will be opposite of Mario's. His spin radius will also be smaller.

Bee Mario is available on the Honeyhive Galaxy, Gold Leaf Galaxy, the Sea Slide Galaxy, the Sand Spiral Galaxy, and Honeyclimb Galaxy in the first Super Mario Galaxy. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, the transformation can be used on Honeybloom Galaxy, Honeyhop Galaxy and while in the game's credits when 120 stars have been collected.

The Bee Mario is also a costume in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. The player will need to get the secret store and buy the Black Shopping Card. It would also return in Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The Bee Mario costume could be unlocked after turning 8 characters into star characters. There will also be a Bee Mario racket that can be purchased at the shop for 1,300 coins after it randomly appears after a tennis match.

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