Battle Tracks (MarioKartGBA)


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There are four battle tracks to choose from.


[edit] Battle Course 1

This course is based off the raceway style circuits. Wide turns and only a small patch of dirt makes this course more a test of weapon use than handling the track itself.

[edit] Battle Course 2

This course is based off the castle style circuits. The centre crosspoint, comprised of metal grating, can result in massive weapon discharges if players cross at the same time. Be careful of the jump bars. Steer into one wrong and end up in the lava.

[edit] Battle Course 3

The most open battle course available, there is little to shield you from shell attacks this time, putting the most emphasis on driver skill with weapon usage than any of the others.

[edit] Battle Course 4

The main threat on this course are the water pits around the place. If you're not paying enough attention you could easily fly into one and lose a balloon. However, the pits do offer an escape from chasing shells, if you can just hop over the edge of one.

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