Battle Mode Arenas (MarioKart64)

In battle mode, you can't use the tracks you race on, so instead you use four unique battle mode arenas to duke it out in.


[edit] Big Donut

In this battle arena, you are on a circular battle field, with a huge hole in the middle filled with lava.

[edit] Block Fort

There are four "forts", each a different color. The level consists of three levels. One is the floor, the other two are the levels on each fort. Each level features roughly 12 item boxes. This course was reused in Mario Kart DS.

[edit] Double Deck

This arena consists of a main level, sub-level, second floor, third floor, and a small platform on the main level that you start on. There are item boxes on all levels but the platform for your disposal.

[edit] Skyscraper

In this arena, there is a middle field, and an outer field, each with holes separating them and a few item boxes here and there on them. This was one of the retro courses added to Mario Kart Wii.

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