Bank Space

Bank Space
Bank Space.JPG
Bank Space as seen in Mario Party 2
First Appearance Mario Party 2
Other Appearances Mario Party 3
Mario Party 5

The Bank Space appears in three different games in the Mario Party series. It is used as a way to get and lose coins. They are typically run by a creature such as a Toad, except in Bowser Land, where they are run by Baby Bowsers.

[edit] Mario Party 2

In Mario Party 2, these spaces hold a typical job in Pirate Land, Western Land, Space Land, Mystery Land and Horror Land. They are run by Toads who take five coins every time that a Bank Space is passed over. If one character lands on the space, they get all of the coins that the bank has collected. The bank can hold as many coins as the player can.

However, it has a reversed function in Bowser Land. First off, it is run by Baby Bowser (as the entire board is) who happens to do the coin managing a little bit differently. If a character passes over a Bank Space in this land, they are told that they have been pre-approved for a five-coin loan. However, if they land on it, they must pay the Bank "mortgage and interest", which is everything the bank has loaned out, or how much the character is currently carrying.

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