Banana, as seen in Mario Kart Wii.
First Appearance Super Mario Kart
Latest Appearance Mario Kart: Arcade GP DX
Other Forms Giant Banana(MKDD)
Banana Bunch(MK64)
Signature Item Donkey Kong
Diddy Kong

The Banana or Banana Peel is a common item of the Mario Kart Series. It will cause a kart to spin-out when the kart comes into contact with the Banana Peel. They can be placed behind a kart, or thrown ahead. The Banana does contain eyes like many other items of the Mario series and if a Banana collides with a Red Shell then the banana will stop the shell. This will only work if the Shell is coming from behind and not from an angle. In each game, there would be another item that allows the player to use three Bananas at once.

In Mario Kart: Double Dash!! there is a large form of the Banana called the Giant Banana. If a driver hits this gigantic banana, it will split into three normal bananas. It is the special item for Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong(King Boo and Petey Piranha can use it along with all special items).

Mario Kart 64 would also have an exclusive banana item called the Banana Bunch. It is a trail of 5 Bananas that will follow the drivers kart. If a player hits the trail, then all bananas will drop. In Mario Kart 64, it is possible to avoid spinning out after hitting a Banana Peel. Simply hitting the brakes(B button) until a musical note appears above the drivers head will tell the player that they have avoided spinning out. Something can be done similar in Mario Kart: Super Circuit by tapping B.

[edit] Mario Party Series

The Banana would appear throughout the Mario Party Series in most of the Donkey Kong mini-games as they would be worth one, two, or three coins depending on the multiplayer. They would also appear in the Mic minigames. After Mario Party 5, the Bananas would be called Banana Bunches as they are worth five bananas.

They would make an appearance in Mario Party 9 as they replace the Mini Stars on the DK's Jungle Ruins board. The players goal would be to collect the most bananas and can be won similar to how the Mini Stars are won on other boards. Z-Bananas would also make an appearance.

[edit] Mario Tennis Open

The Banana would not appear in Mario Tennis Open. The player could purchase tennis gear for their Mii character. Players could purchase a Tennis Racket for 1,750 coins, uniforms for 700 coins, wristbands for 700 coin, and shoes for 650 coins.

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