Overview of Backtrack board map

Game board is in Mario Party 3
Special Gimmick Reverse spaces that will make players move in the opposite direction when landed on.
Availability Available after completing Story Mode.

Backtrack is one of the 6 Dual Board maps in Mario Party 3. There are Reverse Spaces around the board that will force players to move in the opposite direction when landed on. These can provide the player with easy access to the opponent, or it can do the opposite and put them in a bad position. It is the only Dual Board map with a definitive shape(Star).
In Story Mode, the player would have to defeat Daisy in order to earn the Beauty Star Stamp. This is the only Duel Map you play on in Story Mode without previously having to win on a Battle Royal Map to get to the Duel for the Star Stamp. If you do defeat Daisy in Story Mode, this map becomes available in Duel Mode.

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