Mario playing Archer-ival
World Three
Level(s) One
Players Four
Time Limit 60 Seconds
Type 1 vs. 3
Controls Analog + Buttons

Archer-ival is one of the many mini-games in Mario Party 2 for the Nintendo 64. It consists of one player trying to shoot down the other three players (functioning as wooden targets) with arrows. There are also other boards (such as Toad and Baby Bowser) that the player can shoot to get extra coins added to the ten Coins they get if they win the mini-game (or just the extra coins alone if they lose). These panels cannot be controlled, and work by themselves, no matter how many human players there are.

[edit] Gameplay

One character (the character standing alone in the Mini-Game advice screen) is attempting to shoot the three other characters that are grouped together in the advice screen across a distance. The character must move around and use the buttons in order to hit the three characters, as well as computer panels. The computer panels can be Baby Bowser, Toad, or Boo, and they will give you extra coins at the end of the game if they are knocked over. The solo character has an unlimited amount of arrows that they are able to use in this mini-game.

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