Spiky Plant

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A Spiky Plant from Super Mario Galaxy.

The Spiky Plants are strange plants that have red spikes on them. They would first appear in Super Mario Galaxy and later appear in Super Mario Galaxy 2. They can harm Mario or Luigi when touched and can only be destroyed by use of a Stretch Plant, a coconut, or being pulled and eaten by Yoshi(only in Super Mario Galaxy 2).

There are three types of this plant: the standard plant, the bigger plant, and a floating plant. The bigger spiky plant will reveal a Sling Star or Launch Star after being defeated by a coconut. The floating spiky plants will serve as obstacles while Mario rides a Floaty Fluff and will appear in galaxies like Gusty Garden Galaxy, Yoshi Star Galaxy, and the Tall Trunk Galaxy.

Spiky Plants retract their spikes when touched by the Co-Star Luma. This will allow Mario to pass over them without being harmed.

Spiky Plants appear in Super Mario 3D Land. They appear in later levels of the game.

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