Easy Pickings

Easy Pickings
MP7 EasyPickings.jpg
Easy Pickings as it is seen in Mario Party 7

Easy Pickings is a one vs three mini-game found in Mario Party 7. It consists of all players having to use a pick axe to break open rocks to find jewels. The single player has a large gold pick axe, and the three players have smaller ones with silver heads. It takes three hits to break a rock as the three players, but the single player only needs to give the rocks one hit to break one because of their larger pick axe. The red jewels are worth one point apiece and the large purple ones are worth three points. There are several rocks to break and the jewels are randomly placed. Who ever has the most points at the end of the time limit wins.

[edit] Controls

Both the single player and the three players have the same controls. The control pad is used to move and the A button is used to swing the pick axe.

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